Sigmify GRC helps you comply with the guidelines prescribed by the regulatory authorities.


The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) recently released guidelines on Information Technology governance for Regulated Entities (REs) like banks, non-bank financial companies, credit information companies, and other financial entities.

Here is how Sigmify GRC helps you with compliance.

The Sigmify GRC solution is Comprehensive.

It provides a ready-made library of domains, controls, and checklists. The setup helps in setting the auto-generation parameters such as the effective period, frequency of the compliance, lead time for completion, and evidence gathering. It helps assign the controls to the responsible people in the organisation and their teams.

The team of experts constantly scans the environment and provides updates to these libraries.

Sigmify GRC’s workflow foundation helps in automating the GRC function thereby reducing the costs of this function.
It allows for converting the guidelines into actionable tasks and assigning them to the relevant teams for Timely completion. The tasks appear in the work queues of the team members, allowing them to tick the checklist items, attach evidence, add comments, and share the tasks further for collaboration, if required. The collaboration features help in bringing compliance tasks and communication around them into one place.

Sigmify GRC provides Assured results by gathering evidence of task completion, creating status dashboards, risk score cards, and reports to be presented to the authorities.

Sigmify GRC improves visibility across the organization with the stakeholders, the executive committee, and the board. It reduces the time for remediation. It reduces the risk to reputation, penalties, and overall disruption in the business.

Know how Sigmify GRC helps you be compliant with regulatory frameworks