Our Team

Sigmify GRC is a BISIL product. The Sigmify GRC team consists of …
Advisory Board

Ashok Kaushik


Ashok is a senior executive who has held various Sales and Marketing roles in FMCG companies in India and the Middle East. One of his responsibilities was to make sure that the goods being sold by his companies were compliant with the requirements of different markets that his company was selling in. He advises Sigmify GRC on how to navigate complex, varied and constantly evolving compliance requirements.

Manab Sen


Manab is a senior executive who has been a CEO and Co-Founder of several BFSI organizations globally. In his executive role he held the final responsibility for ensuring that the Banks and Companies he ran met and exceeded Compliance requirements. Sigmify GRC benefits from this expertise.


Harikrishna Dammalapati

Chief Operating Officer
Hari is the COO of BISIL and has been responsible for ensuring ongoing Technology Compliance of all of BISIL’s solutions and operational support activities.

Manoj Sinha

Managing Director
Manoj is a co-founder of BISIL. He has overseen the deployment of various solutions in highly regulated industries like Financial Services and Healthcare. An important aspect of these deployments was to monitor on-going compliance of these solutions with the relevant regulations.

Sanjay Yeole

Sanjay is the Consulting Subject Matter Expert for Sigmify GRC. He has been advising companies on how to manage their journey of becoming and maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements as well as best practices.

Savita Pathak

Chief Executive Officer
Savita is the CEO of BISIL and in her earlier role as the Head of Deliveries for solutions in the Healthcare and Financial Services world she oversaw the development, deployment and operation of these solutions within the regulatory boundaries applicable to these solutions.

Sujay Phoujdar

Applications Manager
Sujay is the Manager of Deliveries for Sigmify GRC and has been instrumental in the building, deployment and operation of various solutions including in the area of Compliance.